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Like You, Like Me

I keep on waving,

“Look over here please!”

Hoping that someone will notice

I keep on standing,

“I can be your umbrella!”

Auditioning to be the best guard in the rain

My tree trunk is thin and wrinkled

With skin color between yellow and white

Like yours, like mine.

My root is grabbing the soil tight

With energy to me given by nature

Like yours, like mine.

My body feels every clear drop of water

With freshness like a wakeup call

Like yours, like mine.

My arms long for a hot summer hug

With sincere care and love

Like yours, like mine.

I keep on posing,

“Am I good enough yet?”

Standing in front of the orange wall

I keep on thinking,

“When will anyone hear me?”

Trying to stand out among them

All I’m asking is that - one chance,

To be - someone’s first priority

Like you, like me.

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