Artist Statement

I am a thinker-artist. I desire to make people reflect and think back on their lives when they see my artworks. “It is the little things that count,” I hope my audiences cherish the simple happiness they see both in my works and their lives. My artworks are vivid, lively, and modernly abstract, awaiting to change one’s perception of the world.


Different from most of the traditional artists, I was a pre-med student who was heavily involved in science. I then combine the aspect of logic from chemistry, biology with the elements I love from English and visual arts major to express new ideas that speak for people. I love trying different mediums, from fabric art, photography, drawing to digital media. I desire exciting combinations that will make a difference to someone, to the world.


To me, art is a feeling.

It is a vibe. It is a gift. It is a life.


Every work of mine shapes who I am as I learn my values through making them. I try bringing out the unspoken truths and emotions in the society and minority groups in my artworks. It can be moments from my childhood to my daily discovery in the world.


“Observe, Observe, Observe,” I remind myself.

There is never one simple explanation with anything. Stay opened-minded and be determined to explore new perceptions. Art is an endless adventure, all I know is to keep trying and to seek my identity through it.