"I'm just a moment-

capturer who tells stories behind every sense of yours."


                        - Amy H. Chiu 

Amy Hsuan Chiu is an artist, poet, author, and musician who graduated with a B.A. in English Literature Creative Writing and Interdisciplinary Visual Arts from the University of Washington. Amy published her first book of poetry Reborn with illustration in 2019. She spent years living in different cities, including Hawaii, California, Taiwan, and Seattle. Amy enjoys both writing and printmaking. She worked as a journalist at UW The Daily Newspaper and worked as the editor of UW’s only fashion magazine LA MODE. She has received awards in both poetry and short fiction categories from the Scholastic Art & Writing in 2013, 2014, and 2015.


Other than art and writing, Amy has ten years of experience in choral singing and piano accompaniment. She has performed in both acapella group and solo stage of singing. Amy is in the process of recording and writing her music with a guitar. She travels a lot to seek artistic inspiration. She turns her daily emotions into art to be shared with others, displays her work at shows around town, speaks four languages (and is learning a fifth,) and awaits to share more with the world. 


2019 Book Art Showroom, School of Art, Seattle 

2018 [BLANK] Sand Point Gallery, Seattle 

2017 Fabric Art, IVA Honors + Juried Exhibition at Jacob Lawrence Gallery, Seattle 

2017 Digital Art Published in AU Magazine:

Speculative Fiction Journal, Seattle

2017 University of Washington:

Comotion Printmaking Showcase, Seattle

2017 Monoprints, Jacob Lawrence Gallery, Seattle





Amy's Book | Poetry | Podcast 

UI/UX Design Portfolio 

    To her, it's all about creativity.
    Amy keeps every idea simple. 
     Simple, yet powerful.
     A rich mind,
     awaits future adventures.