By ART 260
my small group

UW Word Exchange Project - 2016 December

This is a meaningful collaboration project run by University of Washington IVA students from ART 260 Autumn Quarter. Each student is given the task to find the first letter of his/her first, middle/nickname, and last name around the campus. It can be from any blackboard word to book titles, or anything one sees. It was a very fun exercise for me to do because I became more sensitive to my surrounding as I took the time to observe different fonts. During class, we printed the letter for our small group. The best letters were chosen and glued on the wooden stamps. The letter H in the portfolio was cut and glued by me, since it was my middle name.

For the word exchange project, one will write in the book the word he/she would like to give. Then, one of us will print the word on a card for the person. Finally, he/she will choose a card printed with a word given by someone else in return for his/her word. And he/she gets to keep the card. Though I did not join the process with the one print kit my group made, I saw people printing the cards at the kit the professor Tihanyi did in Jacob Lawrence gallery. The viewers were talking about it with each other. They found it extremely interesting and loved the concept.